How to Prepare:

PLEASE NOTE – This is a high quality foam and also a thinner foam that works best with high quality lances. Cheaper lances such as those on ebay or that come free with jet washes will not dispense the foam as well.

Using a dedicated snow foam lance for your jet wash. Place 100-150ml of Aperitif and top up with water (depending on water hardness you may need to increase slightly)

Apply to whole vehicle and allow 5 minutes dwell time, taking care not to allow to dry on the vehicle in direct sunlight before rinsing with your jet wash.

This will remove heavier soiling and soften remaining soiling on the vehicle ready for the next step in your car care recipe.


Serving Suggestion:

Why not couple with our Detail Kitchen Official Snow Foam Lance for a great pre wash combo. Whilst the snow foam dwells, this is also a great time to agitate gently around badges and recesses. (Currently Unavailable)

Please Note:

Message from the Chef:

Thank you for browsing our menu! We are only a small Kitchen. All our recipes are currently made and mixed each time from scratch by hand. As such, occasionally colours of our products can vary a little in shade or brightness. But do not fear, the quality and finish of the product is not affected.

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