Citrus Blend V2 builds on its predecessor to bring incredible cleaning power for your pre wash needs.

The ideal we have found for a strong safe pre wash is approximately an inch in a 1 litre pressure sprayer topped with water and left for 2 mins. Then pressure wash away for amazing pre wash cleaning

With a built in foaming agent it also combines the benefits of a snow foam and that of a citrus pre wash together as one, meaning the product can be applied via a snow foam lance, pressure sprayer or trigger spray! Bare in mind that it will be a thinner blanker of foam than a traditional snow foam

Just 100ml in a snow foam lance will give snow foam like qualities and the product can be used at up to 50:1 in a pressure sprayer depending on your pre wash needs.

Totally safe for all surfaces, Citrus Blend also makes a superb fabric roof cleaner.


Serving Suggession:

Mix up a strong solution of Citrus Blend and trigger\pressure spray under arches and on to heavy soiling. Do not rinse. Coat entire vehicle via snow foam lance and rinse all together. This allows heavier soiling to have additional removal.


Please Note:

Message from the Chef:

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1L, 5 Litre, 500ml