Gourmet is The Detail Kitchens premium protection range.

Our Gourmet Si02 Wax is simply put our flagship product.

Provided as a set with full instructions, applicator and finessing towel, this premium wax leaves a finish on your vehicle that has to be seen to be believed.

With incredible levels of depth and gloss combined with ultra hydrophobic, durable protection, Gourmet Si02 Wax is a groundbreaking surface enhancing product from The Detail Kitchen.

Suitable for both bodywork and for wheels. Gourmet Si02 wax can last up to 12 months with a dual coat application, with a single coat seeing 6 months plus with appropriate preperation.

How to Prepare:

If possible, fully decontaminate your vehicle and polish to best prepare the surface.

Apply a thin layer of wax to approx half a panel at a time. This product has a very fast flash time and needs removing after approximately 2 minutes. The product may feel slightly grabby on first wipe of the removal towel, this is normal.

Use a plush towel to remove the product before following up with the included finessing towel. This levels and high spots in the wax and gives a uniform finish.

A second coat can be applied after around an hour.

Vehicle should be kept dry for 24 hours following application if possible. Whilst it wont ruin the product if not, optimum bonding occurs during this time.

Serving Suggestion:

Apply two coats an hour apart and periodically maintain using Gourmet Si02 Shampoo and Gourmet Spray on Protection.