Gourmet is The Detail Kitchens premium protection range.

The Gourmet Shampoo is infused with Si02 to leave a rich deep gloss on your paintwork by leaving a thin layer of Si02 behind upon rinsing.

Carrying a mouth watering Vanilla Pod Scent to it, the product is an absolute joy to use.

As a stand alone product it is a great way to leave an extra wow factor to the finish when you don’t have the time or desire to spend hours treating the vehicle with other products.

Where it really comes in to its own is as a maintenance shampoo for our Gourmet Si02 Wax and Gourmet Si02 Protection Spray. The three combining to give the ultimate maintained protection and deep gloss.

How to Prepare:

Gourmet Shampoo has a dilution ration of 200:1 requiring approx 50-75ml of product in an average sized wash bucket.

Use as part of the two bucket safe wash method with a plush wash mitt and apply from top down before rinsing thoroughly.

Serving Suggestion:

Use as a maintenance product after applying Gourmet Si02 Wax. The products have been designed to work together and give outstanding results.



5 Litre, 500ml