Ensure you have the complete clay kit for your ride and save too by combining Chocolatier (500ml) with our Fine Grade Clay Bar! (100g)

Chocolatier acts as a fantastic clay lubricant as well as being able to be used as a Quick Detailer and Interior Trim Dressing and Detailer.

Clay Bar 100g

Take your paintwork decontamination up a level with our Fine Grade Clay Bar!

Designed to safely lift surface contaminates from paintwork, glass and wheels, this is ideal for a pre polishing and protection stage.

Combined with Chocolatier or Mellow Melon as a Clay Lubricant, optimum results can be achieved in moments.


All clay bars of any type, from any brand, will impact minor surface marring. We always recommend following with a polish. Our bar has been tested and tested to ensure minimal marring if instructions are followed.

How to Apply:

Make sure your vehicle is cleaned first, ideally also a hit of Devilled Eggs before hand.

Gently guide the clay bar across the surface, using Chocolatier or Mellow Melon for slickness, applying no extra pressure. Simply let the clay bar do the work. As the panel starts to feel smooth it has done its thing.

Regularly turn and fold clay to avoid extra marring.

Serving Suggestion:

Use after Devilled Eggs where possible. This reduces the amount of contamination for the bar to lift.