⁹Our fantastic new range of air fresheners will transform your car interior into a world of mouth watering scents inspired by the world of food and drink and presented in a laser etched wooden template.

The wood is FSC or PEFC sustainable timber approved and allows for greater absorbancy and scent release, resulting in a not overpowering, cabin filling scent.

Grab yours for just £1.99 or why not grab the whole range for just £12!

Tips to make the most of your Scent:

For the best results, open packet and leave in vehicle for 1-2 days before releasing and hanging the air freshener. This allows the initial scent hit to be released more gradually.

Once out of packet, hang freely and avoid contact with surfaces and for greatest longevity avoid extended periods in strong, hot sunlight.

Scent Choice

All 8 Scents, Blueberry Muffin, Candyfloss, Cinnamon, Coffee, Cookie, Hot Apple Pie, Jelly Bean, Strawberry Daiquiri