The Secret Ingredient to your car looking its absolute best. A true wow factor product that is as equally versatile as an interior surface cleaner as an engine bay degreaser. Simply dilute the product to your requirements.

Interior plastics.

Interior fabrics.

Engine bay cleaning

Arch cleaning.

Tyre Wall cleaning

And much much more.

Secret Ingredient is a true All Purpose Cleaner and a key part of any perfect car care recipe.

How to Prepare:

For intensive cleaning, use as supplied. For interior surfaces, spray on to a microfibre towel first and wipe over the required area. Product can be diluted 10:1 for sensitive surfaces. Do not alloy to dry.

Serving Suggestion:

Use Secret Ingredient to pre clean your tyre walls by misting over the face, agitating and rinsing. This then leaves an ideal base for your tyre dressing.

Please Note:

Message from the Chef:

Thank you for browsing our menu! We are only a small Kitchen. All our recipes are currently made and mixed each time from scratch by hand. As such, occasionally colours of our products can vary a little in shade or brightness. But do not fear, the quality and finish of the product is not affected.


1L, 5 Litre, 500ml