Unfortunately in our industry, we have no choice but to use plastic. This is due to the safety, stability of other materials and accessibility to these.

But we do have a choice to be responsible.

As such, The Detail Kitchen is supporting 4Ocean in their Ocean Plastic Clean Up Operations by ensuring 20% from every bottle sold goes toward this great cause.

We will then be using the funds raised each month to purchase items from 4Ocean that they create from the recycled materials which is how their operations are funded and giving these away as a competition to our social media followers.

We have done this by replacing Cassia our outgoing shampoo with Tropic, a fantastic premium quality shampoo that reflects the worlds tropical paradise beaches with its emerald green colour and pineapple and kiwi scenting.

1800:1 concentrated and totally neutral meaning it is safe for all protections including ceramic coatings and matte and satin vehicles.

How to Prepare:

Add just 10-15ml to a 20L bucket of water and apply with a wash mitt to the vehicle from the top down. Blast the wash bucket with your jet wash for awesome sud levels.

Serving Suggestion:

Use the two bucket wash method to clean your vehicle. One bucket wash solution, the other plain water. After each section, rinse your mitt in the plain water to minimise paint defect risk. To reduce further, add grit guards to your buckets.

Please Note:

Message from the Chef:

Thank you for browsing our menu! We are only a small Kitchen. All our recipes are currently made and mixed each time from scratch by hand. As such, occasionally colours of our products can vary a little in shade or brightness. But do not fear, the quality and finish of the product is not affected.