Gourmet is The Detail Kitchens premium protection range.

Our spray on protection is simply the ultimate in quick protection that lasts.

Initially designed as a maintenance product for our Gourmet Si02 Wax, we quickly learned from testing that this product stands alone as a spray application paintwork sealant with the ability to last 3 months or more from a single application!

Fast to apply and with incredible water beading from its Si02 content, our spray on protection will amaze you with its finish and performance. It also carries a mouth watering Vanilla Pod scenting for ultimate enjoyment of use.

How to Prepare:

Spray a small amount either on to a short pile microfibre or directly to the panel and immediately work a small area on a cross hatch motion (up down, side to side) across that area to work the product in. Wait for 30 seconds – 1 minute and buff clear with a second towel.

Serving Suggestion:

Use this as part of the Gourmet trio as a topper for the Si02 based wax and to maintain the wax to see the ultimate in water behaviour.



5 Litre, 500ml