“theres no rotten egg smell! genuinely, theyve done a really good job, this is a really great product” Specky McSporran. Detailing Youtuber.

It is finally here. And yes it is true. We have created a GOOD smelling Fallout Remover.

Say goodbye to the hideous rotten egg smell that is associated with most fallout removers on the market and say hello to a zesty orange scent, associated to Scotlands favourite Beverages.

Iron Brew is safe on bodywork, wheels and glass to safely and effectively remove Iron fallout deposits from your vehicle prior to polishing and protection or as part of a decontamination maintenance clean.

Safe on ceramic coated, wrapped vehicles and PPF, just be mindful as with any iron remover of direct sunlight and hot conditions.

Spray over surface, wait 5 minutes while contaminant reactions turn purple. Rinse fully. As simple as that.

Please Note: if you smell the bottle contents and think this still smells ropey. It is because you are smelling the raw base without scent release. Upon spraying during use, the scent is atomised and blankets the core smell with the strong orange scent.


1L, 5 Litre, 500ml