Our first dedicated protection product and still hugely popular. Gingerbead is a protection that contains no gloss enhancers yet makes colours pop with vibrancy and colour. How? It protects by changing contact angle and magnifying what is beneath, repelling water with ease and maintaining your finish for weeks at a time from a 5 minute application.

With its unique protection, Gingerbead is also a fantastic sealant for matte, satin and any vinyl surface, enhancing the finish safely without impacting appearance.

How to Prepare:

Mist a small amount on to the bodywork surface and work with a microfibre until residue flashes away. Leave to dwell for approximately a minute before removing any remaining excess with a second towel. For best results, once the entire vehicle has been coated, apply a second coat and keep vehicle dry for an hour after application.


Serving Suggestion:

After maintenance washes for additional protection and even more deep shine, follow with one of our luxury quick detailers.

Please Note:

Message from the Chef:

Thank you for browsing our menu! We are only a small Kitchen. All our recipes are currently made and mixed each time from scratch by hand. As such, occasionally colours of our products can vary a little in shade or brightness. But do not fear, the quality and finish of the product is not affected.


1L, 5 Litre, 500ml