Red Liquorice won many fans over but not all enjoy a gel application. So we have launched the spray alternative with a twist! And yes…we know its more pink than red! Not only is this spray version packed with even more of the mixed berry scent of the original, it is also a nano coating meaning it has built in water resistance. One coat leaves a new tyre look, add more coats for extra gloss.


How to Prepare:

Simply spray 3 or 4 sprays around your tyre wall, use our Liquorice block tyre sponge to spread around the tyre face and leave to dry. Remove any excess from the wheel face with a microfibre and after 5-10 minutes if any excess remains on the tyre wall, gently also remove with a microfibre.


Serving Suggestion:

Also makes a great trim dressing. Spray on to a towel and wipe over desired areas!