We would love to give Mellow Melon the big sell as its own product as it’s wonderful it really is. It is in fact the same product as Chocolatier in a Melon Scent by popular demand giving the option for two gorgeous scents to choose from. So which will you choose?

Mellow Melon can be used as a traditional Quick Detailer for bodywork and wheels, simply spray and wipe, less is more as this product goes a long way. Topping up protection in the process with a slick topper.

Its thick and well lubricated formulation also make it a fantastic clay lubrication as well as having commendable  cleaning properties for a QD. Ideal for door shuts and missed areas on wheels.

The beauty of Mellow Melon is its ability as an interior dressing too. Putting a slight darkening effect to interior trim (no nasty shine here) it leaves a wonderful scent throughout your interior.

Are you team Melon or team Chocolatier?


How to Prepare:

Mist a small amount on to the panel or on to your microfibre towel. Spread over the required area and use a fresh side of the towel for removal or alternatively a second towel. Buff to a high gloss shine.  Suitable for all exterior surfaces.

Serving Suggestion:

Lightly mist on to a microfibre towel and wipe over interior plastics to leave both a fresh finish and a cool melon scent on your interior.

Please Note:

Message from the Chef:

Thank you for browsing our menu! We are only a small Kitchen. All our recipes are currently made and mixed each time from scratch by hand. As such, occasionally colours of our products can vary a little in shade or brightness. But do not fear, the quality and finish of the product is not affected.


1L, 5 Litre, 500ml